Hoodies and zodiacs? It sounds like an odd pairing, right? But we ask you to bear with us.

Depending on your sign, you will have a different Power Colour. And each power colour has a lot to say about our personalities. So why not let our zodiac signs guide our wardrobe choices?

Talking about clothing, how can we leave out winter favourite hoodies? Nothing is more comfortable than a hoodie. But not just any hoodie - one that's the perfect power colour for your zodiac sign. Gipsy has these perfect hoodies for women for those of you winter babies who are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces.

November 22–December 21

bold purple hoodie

For the adventurous Sagittarius woman who loves exploring new places, a bold purple hoodie will be just right! Purple is associated with imagination and creativity - two traits essential for Sagittarius to express their adventurous spirit. Purple also has spiritual connotations, making it perfect for those born under this sign.


  • Sagittarius prefer polished outfits, but that doesn't mean they are prim.
  • More girly/feminine colours are their go-to looks.
December 22–January 19  

light grey zip-up hoodie

Next up, Capricorns enjoy staying comfy while still looking put together - so why not combine both goals into one with a light grey zip-up hoodie? Grey tones perfectly capture this earthy sign by providing subtle sophistication and comfort at the same time. Plus, these floral accents give this piece extra pizzazz.


  • These girlies love simple and sophisticated looks.
  • They prefer to be cosy but also change their style types frequently.
AQUARIUS (Water Bearer) 
January 20–February 18

navy blue hoodie

When it comes time to pick out Aquariuss's ideal power colour, this airy water sign has an affinity towards blues, representing mental exploration coupled with emotional sensitivity, so go ahead and pick a navy blue hoodie! This hue stands for confidence, intelligence, independence, & courage, all of which are qualities present within Aquarians.


  • They like to be unusual and creative.
  • They are also ever-ready to try trendy prints.
February 19–March 20

baby blue

True to their water element roots, Pisceans should opt for soft blues that embody strength but also serenity resulting from being close to the sea – think baby blue or pastel teal or aquamarine shades here! These colours have been having a bit of a moment in fashion lately, so why not take advantage of their popularity by introducing some into your wardrobe today?


  • They just go with the flow and comfy feels.
  • But they also prefer to dress up for special occasions with the greatest and latest silhouettes.

Don't be lazy to style your hoodies, no matter what power colour you have. Without styling, everything looks dull, and we know that hoodies can be hard to style. So here we are with….

 Ways to Style Your Hoodies.

  1. Layer It Up – Layering is a great way to mix up your look and add texture, dimension, and flavour. Try pairing a lightweight, fitted hoodie with an oversized cardigan or blazer over the top. This will give you added warmth while still looking stylish.
  1. Accessorize – Accessories can easily elevate any outfit into something on trend and fashionable. To amp up your cosy streetwear style with winter hoodies for women, throw on some sunglasses or layer multiple necklaces together for a truly unique statement piece that stands out against the classic silhouette of your hoodie outfit. A baseball cap or beanie will instantly make it more casual if that's what you're going for, too - there really is no wrong way when accessorising!
  1. Mix Fabrics & Textures – When wearing just one type of fabric, such as cotton (which most hoodies are), switch things up by adding other materials like leather or denim pieces into the mix! By doing so, not only do you create interest but add visual contrast, which works beautifully when putting together outfits like these. Denim jackets always pair perfectly with plain coloured hoodies since they provide structure without taking away from its comfort factor; slip skirts go great with longline hoodie styles since their drapey silhouettes compliment each other perfectly - the list goes on and on!
  1. Add Some Color – Neutral colours such as black, grey and white may be easy go-to options due to how versatile they usually are but don’t forget about bright, vibrant hues too! Adding pops of colour here and there can make all the difference in creating an eye-catching yet comfortable aesthetic that speaks volumes about who wears them without saying anything at all.

Now that you know the perfect winter wear for women, we are eager to see what style you'll wear with your power colours. Do check out our hoodie collection for more ideas that suit your zodiac.