Jumpsuits are the better, simpler and more hands-on substitute of dresses for the 21st-century women. Ideally, when the comfort of pants gets blended with the elegance of a dress, what more can a woman ask for? And with new trendy types of jumpsuits emerging every passing day, the options are now never-ending. Be it for weekends or even weekdays, for a peppy afternoon out in the sun or a night on the dance floor, jumpsuits are a feasible solution to all your summer-dressing quandaries. Even though jumpsuit dress are a trend-worthy style, why do women still avoid this fashionable apparel? Well, it isn’t always the primary effective piece of clothing to pull off. Fortunately, Gipsy’s here to assist and ensure that your every ensemble is seriously chic.

Choosing a Jumpsuit:

While buying a jumpsuit, contemplate your needs. Are you after an off-the-cuff jumpsuit to wear during the daytime or something more formal and sparkly for a night look? Does one need long sleeves to combat or will a strapless style facilitate you to beat the heat? Once you identify your requirements, you'll be able to start to target the small print. In general, styles that are snug at the waist then looser on the legs tend to be the foremost flattering. If you're tall, wide-leg jumpsuits that finish just above the ankles are highly complementary. If you're vertically challenged, you'll choose a slim, cropped style instead, to avoid looking swamped within the fabric. We’ve made a list explaining types of jumpsuits to make it easier for you to choose your best fit:

1. The Floral Power: Floral print jumpsuits are an indulgence to look at. They come in numerous shades, mostly multi-coloured, and can be styled with metallic accessories for a chic look. Floral jumpsuit for women is a beautiful option for a coffee date in this hot season. We suggest you go for muted shades and pair them with a straw hat on a bright day to recr eate a look from the ‘50s!

2. The Culotte Chic: Blend the culottes with a jumpsuit, and you have the snazziest style of jumpsuit that’s both chic and comfortable. It aids as your best friend on days when none of your outfits look alluring to you. Whether you’re heading out to a high tea event or a brunch with the girlies, go for this practical article of clothing to keep it nonchalant amidst the heat and humidity.

3. The Versatile Solids: Jumpsuits for women are at their highest this season. The mind-bending amount of panaches up the sleeve of every brand stands as a testament to that. However, keeping every other style aside, a solid jumpsuit is a must-have in any fashionista’s wardrobe. With a solid onesie, the styling possibilities are boundless, making it work for both weekdays and weekends.

These were some stylish and trendiest types of jumpsuit, must-haves for every woman. For more styling tips and awesome Bohemian clothes, visit Gipsy Online