Monsoon is a season like no other. The beauty, the rains, the sounds, nature changing its aura and ushering in a season of hot, humid and sweaty splendour. As we move past the hottest months and relax into the comforting rain, our dressing sense takes a turn as well, after all, the rain soothes the blistering heat like no other. To brace up for monsoons with quite the flair, here are 5 fancy tops online for women from Gipsy to wear and flaunt this season. 

Fun, flirty florals

Florals are a summer delight. Without them, it doesn’t really feel like summers, does it? The sweet fragrance we associate with blossoming nature can be relived, at least visually, through floral prints. This delightful off-shoulder top sings summer like nothing else and is a must-have for your wardrobe. The pastel creamy colour is soft on the eyes and makes for an enchanting look. 

Lacey goodness

Lace is good for any season, to be honest. But, you know you can flaunt a laced top with a pretty mini skirt or shorts only in summers. This pink choker neck blouse top for women has been crafted to perfection, intertwined with lace of the perfect measure. You can get this fancy top online and pair it with trousers for a formal look. 

Striped to perfection

Striped tops are gorgeous in their own right. When styled right, they have a slimming effect on the silhouette. If you’re looking for fancy tops online, don’t forget to get this one. For starters, this striped top’s colours are gorgeous. They are flattering without being overbearing and that’s an important point when it comes to donning stripes. Stripes can work for formal tops for women as well. 

Tune into tunics

If you’re looking for fancy tops online, to live and love summer fashion to the fullest, we would suggest tunic tops! Tunics for women can be fancy as well as casual and this tunic slays both ways. Style it with white jeans or switch it up as women’s formal wear by wearing it with formal trousers. 

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